QOA Adonis

Ambassador is May'n

QoA has released a total of 3 driver hybrid earphones, Adonis, with 2 balanced armatures and 1 dynamic driver.Adonis Ambassador is a singer “May’n” who sings a wide range of genres including anime songs, which celebrated its 15th anniversary the other day.

May’n official website http://mayn.jp/

Knowles 1BA + QoA Custom Balanced Armature + QoA Custom Dynamic Driver

Knowles Balanced Armature and QoA Custom Balanced Armature reproduce very clear and beautiful mid-high range, QoA Custom Dynamic Driver Accurate and Firm It is designed to reproduce the low frequency range, firmly fix the 3-driver hybrid with a stable wood shell, suppress unnecessary resonance, and reproduce the fine expression of music.

8-core 5N grade OFC + silver plating cable

8-core 5N grade high-purity OFC + silver-coated cable can be re-cabled by using a 2Pin connector. In addition, the metal parts of the 2PIn connector part, cable splitter part, and plug part adopt beautiful parts that draw an elegant curve. The 3.5mm straight plug makes it easier to handle via adapters such as smartphones
(MFi certified 3.5mm to Lightning conversion adapter is included for sale in Japan)

Hybrid of different materials for housing ( Resin face plate + Wooden shell )

The biggest feature of Adonis is the stable wood (wooden) shell that is precisely machined by CNC cutting on the UV-painted resin face plate. The acoustic characteristics are improved along with the usage design. Since the part that enters the ear is made of wood, it is easy to adapt to body temperature, it is flexible to humidity, and the entire housing is small, so it is comfortable to wear.
Designed to work well in beauty, material and sound

Luxury Accessories

The earphone carrying case comes with a chic blue leather-like carrying case that matches Adonis. In addition, a blue eartip made exclusively for Adonis is included.

Enjoy your music with QoA Adonis