QOA Mojito
Sexy & beautiful cocktail "Mojito"

A total of 6 balanced armature configurations of 2 Sonion BAs + 4 Knowles

BAs Knowless balanced armatures in the low range, Sonion balanced armatures in the mid-high range, and Knowles balanced armatures in the ultra-high range are adopted, and QoA’s unique fine tuning is used. It achieves a unique sound quality of warm sound quality while maintaining high resolution.

Balanced armature of Knowles in the low-frequency. Sonion made balanced armature (dual) in the range, balanced armature of Knowles in the mid-high range, balanced armature (dual) of Knowles to more than high-frequency, total of six driver configuration.

2 Pin detachable cable

High-purity OFC + silver-coated cable can be re-cabled by adopting a 2 Pin connector. The 3.5mm straight plug makes it easier to handle via adapters such as smartphones.

Gorgeous housing of shell

Wood shell and wood face plate, which are made of the most distinctive wooden housing (wood shell) birch material, are precisely machined by CNC cutting and have a very beautiful finish by gloss oil painting. Mojito, the product name in gold, emerges on the face plate, and the eartips and cables are unified in three color variations: amber, purple, and blue.

QoA Mojito has won "VGP Lifestyle 30,000JPY or more and less than 50,000 JPY"class.

QoA's sound creation is based on warm and comfortable sounds.

The product name is the name of the cocktail, aiming for beautiful earphones. QoA has a mild sound making and is hard to hear,
which is also utilized in this Mojito.

Sonion 2BA + Knowles 4BA is usually tuned with high resolution only, but Mojito realizes warm sound quality that is hard to hear while having high resolution, and both high resolution + not tired to hear, wooden housing Together with this, it is a flagship earphone with high sound quality that is very unique overall. In addition, it is compatible with 2 Pin re-cable, and the attached earphone case is also very well designed, high quality and easy to use.

QoA Mojito crafted from solid stable wood