QOA Pink Lady

2 balanced armature + 1 dynamic driver crossover

With accurate 3 crossover design, the treble, mid-range and bass is well distributed, makes every connection of different frequency. 

2 Pin detachable cable

0.78 2pin detachable design, users can replace upgraded cables anytime to meet different sound choice. Come with standard 3.5mm gold plated plug, can match almost devices in the market, enjoy your music life.

Gorgeous housing of shell

Wood shell and wood face plate, which are made of the most distinctive wooden housing (wood shell) birch material, are precisely machined by CNC cutting and have a very beautiful finish by gloss oil painting. Mojito, the product name in gold, emerges on the face plate, and the eartips and cables are unified in three color variations: amber, purple, and blue.

QoA's sound creation is based on warm and comfortable sounds.

The product name is the name of the cocktail, aiming for beautiful earphones. QoA has a mild sound making and is hard to hear.

QoA Pink Lady Enjoy HiFi music