QOA Vesper Purple Edition
lightweight & simple design

Knowles 1BA + 1DD 2-driver hybrid of proprietary 10mm diameter dynamic driver

Knowles balanced armature and 10mm dynamic driver total 2 driver hybrid earphones realize rich bass and delicate mid-high range with high resolution

2 Pin detachable cable

High-purity OFC + silver-coated cable can be re-cabled by adopting a 2Pin connector. The 3.5mm straight plug makes it easier to handle via adapters such as smartphones.

Gorgeous housing of shell

The limited color “Purple-Murasaki-” with a Japanese pattern High-precision 3D output of the special limited color “Purple-Murasaki-” crystal epoxy resin material with a Japanese pattern. The product name Vesper is printed on the face plate in gold, making it a Japanese-style and luxurious design.

QoA's sound creation is based on warm and comfortable sounds.

The product name adopts the name of cocktail and aims for beautiful earphones QoA is mild in sound making and less tiring to hear
It is also utilized in this Vesper. 1BA + 1DD 2-driver hybrid, 2Pin re-cable compatible, attached earphone case with high design and high quality

Tiny body released huge energy